Elvis Presley’s Ex-Girlfriend Shares Unearthed “Never Seen” Tour Photo

Getty Images / GAB Archive , Linda Thompson / Instagram

A new photo of Elvis Presley has surfaced that not even former girlfriend Linda Thompson has seen before.

Elvis Presley dated Linda Thompson for many of his final years, from 1972 to 1976. The former Miss Tennessee, now 70, regularly reminisces about her time with Elvis on social media, but Thompson surprised followers with a rare image of Elvis. In the photo, Elvis and Thompson exited a flight of stairs. The King was dressed in one of his signature white jumpsuits, and Thompson wore a pastel pink crop top and cut-out flares.

While Thompson did not remember ever seeing the picture, she did recall the moment the photograph was taken. Thompson shared the memory with fans in her Instagram caption. She wrote:

Once in a blue moon, a photo surfaces that I’ve never seen before -even after all these many, many years! Thank you Robert Klein & Jay Gordan for unearthing this treasured memory for me! Gotta say… I love the wild fashion statements! As always, I was accompanying my man on tour…7/10/1975 Charleston West Virginia. Happy March everyone!”

See the full post below.

For more on Elvis and Thompson’s relationship, check out the following video.