Faith Hill Mourns Loss Of Beloved Father

Jerritt Clark / Contributor / Getty Images

All About Faith’s Family History

Today, the world knows one of country music’s greatest female superstars by the name Faith Hill.

But few people realize that the name Faith goes by now is not the one she was given after birth. Although Faith is her middle name, her true first name is Audrey, and her last name was Perry.

Audrey Faith Perry was born on September 21, 1967. But the bouncing baby girl wasn’t named by the woman who gave birth to her, or by her biological father.

Instead, she was named by Edna and Ted Perry, who adopted her when she was just two days old. They brought her home to Star, Mississippi, where they raised her with their two sons, Steve and Wesley.

Faith Suffers A Series Of Losses

In an interview with Barbara Walters years later, Faith reflected fondly on her upbringing and how good Edna and Ted were to her. She never knew anyone else as her mother and father, but that still didn’t stop her from wondering about her roots.

After years of searching, Faith finally met with her birth mother, but hardly remembers what occurred during that first meeting. She never got the chance to meet her biological dad, as he lost his life in a car accident years prior.

In another interview in 2017, Faith revealed that she and her birth mother never got the chance to develop a close relationship before she passed away in 2007.

As painful as it was to not have much of a connection to her biological family, Faith has always been thankful for the people she has always called mom and dad…Edna and Ted Perry.

I have a great family: salt of the earth, hardworking,” she said in the same 2017 interview.

Sadly, Edna passed away in late 2016, leaving Faith with one less family member in her life.

After losing his wife, Faith’s father continued to show his support for his daughter and his son-in-law Tim McGraw. Despite being in his 80s, Ted made an effort to attend multiple of the couple’s latest concerts, and was there cheering them on behind the scenes.

Rest In Peace Ted…

Unfortunately, they will never feel his sweet presence at their shows ever again. As Tim shared on Tuesday (February 12), Ted passed away last week at the age of 88.

Tim gushed about the type of man Ted was, saying he taught him how to be a better “human, a father and a friend.”

Tim also shared a short slideshow to showcase why he believed Ted was “the sweetest, kindest most gentle man.” Set to The Judds‘ “Grandpa,” the short clip shows Ted interacting with Tim and Faith, and features a short voiceover from Faith at the end.

In that short snippet of audio, Faith echos the sentiments that her husband expressed about her father, saying, “Anyone who has ever met my dad will tell you he’s one of the greatest human beings on the planet.”

Just from knowing the little we do about Ted, we fully believe what Faith had to say about him.

Our hearts go out to Tim, Faith, their daughters, and their extended family during this heartbreaking time. May Ted forever rest in peace.