Faith Hill Shares Favorite Video Of Her Father

Pickler and Ben / YouTube

Understanding Faith’s Roots

Faith Hill was only two days old when she was adopted by Edna and Ted Perry, who already had two sons of their own. They gave her the name Audrey Faith Perry, and took her home to raise her in the small town of Star, Mississippi.

She later referenced the town in her hit song, “Mississippi Girl.”

Since Faith never met her biological father and didn’t meet her her biological mother until later in life, Edna and Ted were really the only mother and father she ever knew.

Edna passed away in 2016, and Faith shared an emotional message with her followers on the day she was laid to rest.While this is a difficult time for our family, we rejoice in knowing that she is in Heaven and no longer suffering,” she wrote.

Saying Goodbye To Her Dad

Since Edna’s passing, Ted continued to show support for Faith and her husband, fellow country superstar Tim McGraw, by attending their concerts. He was a frequent presence backstage, and Faith would often share a special moment with him right before she walked out to entertain the thousands of fans waiting for her.

We got the chance to see some of these sweet exchanges in a video montage Tim shared on social media. However, the reason why he shared it is heartbreaking…it’s because Ted had passed away.

Ted, who was 88, was “the sweetest, kindest most gentle man” as Tim explained. Watching the short clips of him that Tim had to share, we can see why he feels that way. 

Her Favorite Video Of Him

Shortly before Christmas 2018, Faith shared another video of her father that is sure to melt your heart.

Appearing on the now-defunct talk show Pickler & Ben, which she co-produced, Faith shared what she said was her favorite video of her father at that moment. She had filmed it shortly before her visit to the show, and explained the context behind it.

I had made him a banana sandwich and he fell asleep while he was eating the sandwich,” she said. “He didn’t believe me that he had done that, so I had to show him a picture of himself falling asleep with the sandwich. He started laughing so hard…”

The laughing fit lasted for a while, with Faith laughing right alongside her dad. When you watch the adorable clip below, you’ll find it easy to see why Faith loves it so much.

In sad times like these, we hope Faith can look back on videos like this and find comfort in remembering the happy times she shared with her dad.

We can tell she’ll miss him terribly…