Faith Hill Shares Fiery Photo With Flirty Message For Tim McGraw

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Throughout their 20 years of marriage, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have managed to keep the fire burning in their relationship. The two often share snapshots of one another on social media, along with a flirty note that would make anyone’s heart go pitter patter.

During a recent vacation, Hill and McGraw took turns sharing some smokin’ hot photos of one another with no caption. But fans did notice the triangles that appeared on the images themselves, and wondered what they meant.

It turns out that those triangles were part of the logo for Hill and McGraw’s upcoming Soul2Soul World Tour, which they announced after they returned from their vacation. The couple has kept up a busy schedule since then. They appeared as advisors on The Voice, McGraw attended the American Music Awards, and Hill had surgery performed on her foot.

McGraw and Hill also put together a big Thanksgiving Day feast. Since Hill just had surgery, it was up to McGraw and their three daughters to carry the load and do most of the cooking and cleaning. Hill thanked her family for all of their help in a post to her Instagram, saying she was so thankful for all of them.

After being on the run for so long, it seems that Hill and McGraw finally got the chance to enjoy some downtime on Tuesday night (November 29). Hill shared a photo of their relaxing evening, along with a fiery and flirty message to McGraw.

The picture showed a fire burning bright in the couple’s fireplace at home. Hill’s caption indicated that McGraw was actually the one who took the stunning photo. “Photo Cred: My Hubby” she wrote. She apparently thought that the picture was too good not to share!

Even though Hill didn’t take the photo, she made sure to give it her personal touch in the caption. Referencing the song by The Doors called “Light My Fire,” Hill wrote a steamy note for McGraw. “Come on baby light my fire….. and you did,” she wrote, including three winky face emojis for extra effect.

Come on baby light my fire….. and you did. 😉😉😉 Photo Cred: My Hubby

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Is it hot in here or is it just Hill and McGraw?

We love how these two have kept their fire burning after all of their years together. Their love for one another is clear in their many romantic duets, including “I Need You.” You can watch one of their performances of the song in the clip below.