Fans Help Oliver Anthony Find His Old Farm Truck

radiowv / YouTube, Oliver Anthony Music / Instagram

Viral singer Oliver Anthony’s plea has been answered, thanks to his fans!

Who is Oliver Anthony?

Oliver Anthony is a 31-year-old singer who shot to stardom in August 2023 when his song “Rich Men North of Richmond” went completely viral and hit number one of the Billboard charts. He became the first artist ever to debut a song at number one without ever previously charting any songs.

Since his viral moment, he has released his music on streaming platforms, signed with a talent agency, started a world tour, and even made his Grand Ole Opry debut recently.

He has also been working on his debut album, which he recently revealed is finished.

Oliver Took to social media to ask his fans for a huge favor.

On March 10, Oliver Anthony (real name Christopher Anthony Lunsford) posted a photo of an old truck he used to own.

“It’s a long shot – But I was just wondering if my old farm truck is still alive?” he asked his 1.9 million followers.

He gave a few more details:

“[I] used to have a flatbed ’91 F350 4×4 with ‘Ollywoo Farm’ on the door. Sold it about 5 years ago, and last I heard it’s on a cattle farm in Mississippi.”

After two days, he was able to connect with the owner and has plans on visiting the truck!

“It warms my heart saying that thanks to all of y’all, I have located the truck and talked to the current owner in Mississippi. We are going to make a detour after Texas to go visit his farm before the Tupelo, [Mississippi] show,” he wrote in the comment section.

He made a separate post including a screenshot of an email from the wife of the truck’s owner.

“Thanks to the thousands of people on here who helped me! I got in touch with the current owners, and they couldn’t be cooler / friendlier people,” he wrote alongside it.

We can’t wait to hear all about the reunion.