Giant Unknown Sea Creature Drags Away Gator Carcass At Bottom Of Gulf

Sigmund / Unsplash

Two Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium scientists believed a giant unknown sea creature exists at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico after running some experiments down there.

The scientists sank three carcasses of alligators weighing hundreds of pounds over a mile to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to see what would happen to them.

It wasn’t long before something did happen but, according to the scientists, it wasn’t what they expected. The first alligator they dropped was completely devoured in less than a day.

Scientists said that it was mainly eaten from the inside out by giant isopods and some other scavengers lurking around on the ocean floor. Scientists figured that would happen, however, it happened a lot faster than they expected it to.

They then dropped the second alligator down to the bottom and it stayed submerged for 51 days before getting pulled up. This one had been picked clean, down to the bone by an undiscovered type of bone worm.

“That one genuinely surprised us. There was not even a single scale or scute left on the carcass,” Craig McClain, one of the scientists said, according to Outsider.

When they dropped the third alligator, that’s when they discovered something massive grabbed it and carried it away. Scientists said they honestly have no idea what it was but they found huge imprints in the sand that indicated whatever it was, was gigantic.

The carcass was gone and the scientist speculates that it was eaten by either a giant squid, a giant shark, or something else giant that no one knows about yet.

They said most of the time when they drop something heavy like this it normally stays where they dropped it. This was the first time they’ve ever had something powerful enough to carry off a several hundred-pound carcass.

“I have yet to find a squid that could consume a whole alligator, and I don’t want to be on the ship if we ever discover it,” Craig said.

He said they will be trying the experiment again to see if they can capture on film what was down there, using the bodyweight of a whale carcass as bait.