Golfer Seriously Injured After Being Gored By Bull Elk

KSDK News / YouTube

On the evening of October 3rd, 2020, Zak Bornhoft was enjoying a game of golf with a few buddies at the Evergreen Golf Course in Denver, Colorado. As he was driving around in a golf cart he found himself seriously injured when a bull elk charged him.

Zak explained that he was on the golf course all day golfing with the elk peacefully laying in the grass sunbathing at a safe distance. It’s mating season so they wisely kept 20ft back and said they never felt threatened by them. That is until they began to move from the 16th hole to the 17th hole and one of the bull elk started giving them an uncomfortable look.

“This bull elk was eyeing us down. We tried to slowly get out of the area, unexpectedly he started to charged us directly toward the front of the golf cart, but he missed us, but then as we sped off to get away he charged again striking the side of the golf cart where his antlers went directly into my side of the golf cart and one antler just happened to gored me,” Zak Bornhoft wrote on Facebook.

His friends immediately called an ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. Upon arrival and a medical exam, they found out that the elk had pierced through his left kidney and sliced it into multiple pieces. He had to have surgery to save his kidney and is expected to be ok but will remain in the hospital over the next few days to monitor his recovery.

Zak Bornhoft wrote on Facebook, “Thanks everyone for the love and support for me at this time. I love golfing, I love nature, I also respect nature, but sometimes things just go wrong. That’s what happened to me.”

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