Country Music Producer Arrested After Violating Protection Order

Metro Nashville Police Department

Tony Brown is viewed by many as one of the most successful country music producers in the genre’s history. The Grammy-winning producer and former president of MCA Nashville and cofounder of Universal South Records experienced great success in the 1990s, due in large part to production credits on various George Strait albums. Tony served as producer on some of George’s most popular albums of all time, including Blue Clear Sky, which contained hit songs such as “Carried Away” and “I Can Still Make Cheyenne.”

Besides George, Tony has worked with a wealth of legendary country artists, including Reba McEntire, Marty Stuart, and Brooks & Dunn. Tony has earned a total of four Grammys over the course of his career, and is also the recipient of the ACM‘s prestigious Producer of the Year Award.

But in February 2016, Tony’s name made headlines for non-musical reasons. Reports state that on February 23, Tony was arrested following a dispute with his wife late the night before. His wife, Jamie, called police claiming that Tony had assaulted her. According to Jamie, the couple had an argument over a photo shoot she had planned. When she showed Tony some poses she was thinking of doing, he became enraged because he felt some of the poses were inappropriate.

Afterwards, the arrest warrant states that Tony slapped his wife across the face and she locked herself and her dog in her car so she could call 911. Once the police arrived, Tony was arrested and charged with one count of domestic bodily injury.

According to The Tennessean, the incident wasn’t the first time Tony had been in trouble with the law. He was previously arrested in October 2013, and was also charged with assaulting Jamie then. Concerning the February 2016 charge, that case is currently pending, and Jamie has since obtained an order of protection against Tony.

News broke on Wednesday (June 29) that Tony had been arrested for the second time in four months when he violated that order of protection. An arrest warrant obtained by The Tennessean states that on Tuesday (June 28), Tony followed his wife and three others in a strip mall parking lot, violating the protection order against him.

The suspect then was seen driving up and down different parking lot rows and rubbernecking as if looking for them,” the warrant states.

After Jamie and the others drove away and left the area, Tony followed behind, according to the warrant. He is now set to appear in court on July 12 to face his new charge of violating an order of protection.

We hate to hear this about Tony, since he had previously been so successful in the Nashville music community. Tune in below to listen George Strait singing his song “Carried Away,” which was featured on one of his albums that Tony produced.