Grandpa Builds Backyard Rollercoaster For Grandson

bubbieandnugget / Instagram

Life in quarantine can be tough, especially for young children who might not understand fully what’s going on. For all they know, they can’t play with their friends anymore, go to the park, or even socialize at school.

One lucky boy in Maryland is sure to have hours of fun and entertainment after his grandfather used this downtime to build a wooden roller coaster in the family’s backyard. The mini roller-coaster runs along the fence and utilizes a modified toy car that fits over the track, and is powered by grandpa.

It would appear that the project started on May 3, 2020, when the boy’s mother posted on Twitter mentioning that her dad was outside building a roller-coaster.

We were able to catch the first glimpse of the project when the boy’s mother posted a video of the unfinished project on Twitter with the caption,

“It’s not done but they having the time of their lives.”

The video almost immediately went viral and was reposted by several big names which include ESPN, LADbible, and Republic.

Two days later the project was completed and the grandfather and grandson have their own Instagram account.

Check out the video below to see the two of them enjoying the finished product!