Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood Put New Spin On ‘The Fighter’ At 2017 CMT Music Awards

J. Merritt / FilmMagic / Getty Images

The Duet That Stormed The Charts

Months before it was officially released as a single, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood‘s duet “The Fighter” was already powering its way up the charts.

Keith Urban / YouTube

The song hit the 11th spot on the Hot Country Songs chart after the release of Urban’s album, Ripcord. It beat its own success after later being released as a single, and peaked at the second position.

The success of “The Fighter” can partially be attributed to its music video, which has generated millions of views. That video was eventually nominated for and won the award for Collaborative Video of the Year at the 2017 CMT Music Awards.

Something Entirely New

Shortly before Urban and Underwood were named as the winners, they performed a brand-new version of “The Fighter” for the crowd and viewers at home. Urban previously hinted at this new version of “The Fighter” in a press release:

Carrie and I are working to create a different take on ‘The Fighter’ for the CMT Awards!!!!” Keith said. “Can’t wait!

Fans were left to wonder what that different take could be. Would they invite dancers on the stage, since they released a “Dancers Version” of the music video? Would they theme it around the Nashville Predators, since the team was fighting for a Stanley Cup win at the time?

It turns out that they did neither of the above!

Slowing Things Down

Viewers were amazed as Urban started singing “The Fighter” at a slow, ballad-like pace. Underwood eventually appeared across the stage from him, and the two traded their parts with distance between them.

We’re sure you could hear a pin drop in the audience as Urban and Underwood charmed everyone watching with their new version of “The Fighter.” Finally, Underwood made her way to Urban in the middle of the stage, which is when the two of them broke into the upbeat version of the song we all know and love.

Leave it to Urban and Underwood to put on one of the best performances of the night at the CMT Music Awards! You can check out a video of the performance below.

Did you like Urban and Underwood’s new spin on “The Fighter?” We think they should record it that way as well!