Keith Urban Stops To Sign Fan’s Shoulder, And You Won’t Believe What She Did With The Autograph

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Country music fans are awfully dedicated to their favorite artists. So much in fact, that they often go to extreme lengths in order to see them in concert.

Of course, it’s every fan’s dream that they’ll get the chance to meet their favorite artist at their concert so they can ask them for an autograph. A lucky few get this chance, whether it be by purchasing meet and greet passes or by making themselves noticeable in the crowd.

We’ve seen all sorts of videos of country stars welcoming random audience members on stage. This is something that Keith Urban has made a common practice at his concerts, giving lucky fans the chance to fulfill their wildest dreams.

Just like he always does, Urban decided to bring a group of fans on stage during his concert at the Barclays Center in New York on Saturday (November 19). The interaction started off like normal, with one fan asking for an autograph. However, she wasn’t going to settle for any normal autograph on a t-shirt or CD. She had something more permanent in mind!

The fan, named Caleigh DeCaprio, revealed to Urban that she was ready to get her first tattoo. Urban has his fair share of tattoos himself, so we’re sure he was supportive of DeCaprio’s decision. However, he was a bit more taken aback when she revealed exactly what she wanted to get a tattoo of, and where!

As she stood next to Urban on stage, DeCaprio asked him if he would sign his initials on one of her shoulders. Whatever he signed, she said she’d get a tattoo of it in that exact spot the next day.

Urban was skeptical, but went ahead and did as DeCaprio asked, signing “KU” with a heart on her shoulder.

True to her word, DeCaprio went to a tattoo artist the next day and got Urban’s initials permanently etched into her shoulder. The artist did a perfect job at capturing the exact style of Urban’s signature, down to the slanted style of the heart.

Now DeCaprio will forever have something to show just how much of a fan she is of Urban’s. That’s a real sign of dedication!

Apparently, DeCaprio isn’t the only one to get a tattoo of Urban’s signature after he autographed a part of their body. Another fan named Sylvie Vallée revealed that she had Urban’s autograph tattooed on her ankle after he signed it backstage at one of his shows.

We wonder if there are other people out there with tattoos of Urban’s autograph? What about you…do you have any country-music inspired tattoos? Let us know all about them in the comments!