Kellie Pickler Initiates Husband Into Cut-Throat Gang


Country music’s sweetheart Kellie Pickler has been promoting laughs since her American Idol debut back in 2005, where her country girl charm and all-too-funny blonde moments placed her into our hearts for good! Pickler has since married the love of her life, country music songwriter Kyle Jacobs, and embarked on her reality television show titled “I Love Kellie Pickler”.

The show has been praised for its comical scenes and doting portrayal of the clearly head over heels couple, snagging recurring fans for the CMT network hit! However, Pickler may have just reached a new, all-time high in terms of her comedic moments, and fans cannot stop laughing!

Pickler recruited her unsuspecting husband to join her clearly cut-throat bike gang, even gifting him with a custom made jacket reading “Kell’s Angels”! The two took to the streets on their intimidating beach cruisers to wreak havoc on the neighborhood, leaving fans eager to join the two in mayhem!

Check out Jacobs’ hilarious upload to his Instagram capturing the moment!

What do y’all think? Would this gang make you turn the other way?