You’ll Never Guess What Jason Aldean’s Wife Surprised Him With!


Country music star Jason Aldean was given the surprise of a lifetime by his wife Brittany Kerr!

The country singer is a huge fan of Animal Planet’s Tanked, which prompted his wife to recruit Tanked stars Wayde King and Brett Raymer to do what they do best. The aquarium connoisseurs constructed a ginormous fish tank and placed in at the front entrance of Aldean and Kerr’s gorgeous home.

Given less than two weeks to craft the masterful aquarium in order to surprise Aldean before he returned home from touring, King and Raymer still managed to whip up a jaw-dropping tank. The 39-year-old singer was in complete shock after first laying eyes on his home’s newest feature and was rendered completely speechless. The presence of the film crew was made apparent the moment Aldean crossed the threshold of his Tennessee mansion.

“I don’t even know what to say,” says Aldean “I’m blown away.” 

The episode premieres today, Friday Oct. 21 on Animal Planet and you can watch the preview for the episode in the video below!