Willie Nelson’s Tour Bus Just Sold For How Much?


Many stories have circulated about what goes on when Willie Nelson invites a friend to join him on his tour bus. In fact, Toby Keith even wrote a song about such happenings, called “I Will Never Smoke Weed with Willie Again”

Since fans have heard so much about the fun people have on Nelson’s bus, many people have dreamed of joining him for a ride. Well now, one lucky person can finally take a ride on his famous bus!

Back in 1983, Nelson had four buses custom-built for him and his Willie Nelson Family Band. One of the buses, called “Me and Paul,” had recently been placed on auction, according to Austin 360.

The Me and Paul bus was once owned by Nelson’s drummer and good friend, Paul English, and features bright red velvet seats. In addition to the bus itself,  the lucky new owner also gets to take home a whole collection of Nelson-related artifacts that are stored in the bus.

We’re sure if that bus could tell stories, it would have plenty to share! And now the new owner can make their own memories while traveling on this unique set of wheels.

This bus was owned by a “group of Austin Texas entrepreneurs and Outlaw Country fans,” who placed it on auction. They purchased the bus in May 2014, and have been renting it out for weddings and other events ever since.

So what was the price tag on Nelson’s one-of-a-kind vintage bus? Drum roll please…bidding closed at the whopping price of $76,500.00!

We know that’s a hefty price tag, but who wouldn’t jump at the chance to buy Nelson’s bus if they had the cash for it? Tune in to the video below to take a virtual tour of the bus that now belongs to one lucky fan of Nelson’s!