Kelly Clarkson Is So Talented She Can Sing Her Songs Backward

YouTube/Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

This hysterical clip filled with funny banter and laughter ends with one of America’s favorite singers performing a hit song completely backward!

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonAmerican Idol winner and forthcoming Voicecoach, Kelly Clarkson sits down for a bit of chit-chat before Jimmy Fallon presents this nearly impossible challenge to her!

These two pop culture personalities have known each other for more than a decade and their comedic wit is almost unrivaled as they get into some of the most-hysterical banter just before talking about Clarkson’s newest project as a coach on The Voice.

Clarkson reveals what it’s like to battle for a contestant with Blake Shelton on the hit singing competition, and says that her fellow coaches all brag about winning on the show – but her response silenced them all!

“And they’re always quick to point out that they’ve all won,” Clarkson says laughing, and getting in a jab about her taking home the first American Idol win, adding, “And I’m like ‘So have I!'”

Next, Fallon brings up her mastery of music, nudging her by saying “I’m sure you’ve sung all your songs forward and backward.”

He then proceeds to convince Clarkson to sing one of her number one hit songs completely backward in front of the audience – and she doesn’t back down from a challenge!

Check out the full video below to see the hysterical lyric mix up and Kelly Clarkson bursting into laughter during her performance of “Since You Been Gone (Backward).”