Kenny Chesney Teams Up With 90s Country Star For Electric ‘Dust On The Bottle’ Duet

KennyChesneyVEVO / YouTube

Kenny Chesney is known as one of the greatest entertainers in all of country music. Although he took 2017 off from touring, Chesney’s schedule was jam-packed with one tour date after another back in 2016.

Being so well-known for his live shows, it only made sense for Chesney to release a live album at some point in his career. He did just that in 2006, which is when he released his first live album Live: Live Those Songs Again. The album was a chart success, and reached the top spot on the Billboard Country Albums chart as well as the fourth spot on the all-genre albums chart.

Over a decade later, Chesney decided it was about time for him to release another live album. That album became Live in No Shoes Nation, which was released on Friday (October 27). With a total of 30 tracks, the material on Live in No Shoes Nation was collected over a ten-year period from Chesney’s various concerts.

Since Chesney often invites surprise guests to his shows, many of the tracks on Live in No Shoes Nation are collaborations between Chesney and those guests. Just a few other artists who make appearances on the album include Taylor Swift, the Zac Brown Band, and Eric Church.

Another artist who is featured on the album is David Lee Murphy. Known for his number one hit “Dust on the Bottle,” Murphy was one of country music’s leading stars in the 1990s and early 2000s. He hasn’t recorded any new material since 2004, but remains active in the country music community as a songwriter for other artists, including Chesney.

Murphy served as one of the co-writers on Chesney’s number one hit from 2005, “Living in Fast Forward.” But you won’t hear the duo singing that song together on Live in No Shoes Nation. Instead, you’ll get to hear them sing Murphy’s “Dust on the Bottle.”

To celebrate the release of the new live album, Chesney shared a video of him and Murphy singing “Dust on the Bottle” together during one of his beach shows. The energy was electric that day, and you can tell that Chesney and Murphy were feeding off of it, which made their performance all the more exciting.

Now you can catch that performance in the video below! Seriously, they do such a good job at performing this song that you’ll feel like you were right there on the beach watching the show as it unfolded!

Chesney and Murphy make a good team, don’t y’all think?