Kid Rock’s Explosive Mashup Of His Greatest Hits Will Melt Your Face Off


Kid Rock kicked off the 2009 Grammy Awards with a medley of three of his biggest hits. Known for his unapologetic badass attitude, Rock delivered an explosive mashup of “Amen,” “All Summer Long,” and “Rock N Roll Jesus” that absolutely put the rest of the performances to shame.

Rock kicked off the performance with an ultra patriotic performance of his hit country song “Amen,” complete with a massive American flag hoisted proudly behind him as he delivered the riveting lyrics to a screaming crowd. The singer kicked up the heat with a steamy transition into his intoxicating No.1 hit “All Summer Long.”

C’mon!” He commanded to the award show audience before closing out his medley with a rocking performance “Rock N Roll Jesus,” that would make even the most prominent rockstars green with envy. Gospel-like singers sang backup throughout, making for an overall flawless performance.

So how did the self-professed “American Badass” become the legendary performer he is today? In an interview with Dan Rather, the singer shared the shocking ins and outs of how he became the artist you know and love.

“It was rebellious, and fun, and great, and I was learning a lot that I didn’t even realize at the time,” Rock shared according to The Boot, discussing the times he spent playing at parties in the rough streets of Detroit, Michigan“Everything that I had [been] soaking in taught me how to be a more worldly person in a lot of ways, just to be able to see a lot of different sides of things and be able to judge people, judge cultures, judge things, and be a little more open-minded about it.”

The “Born Free” singer is a five-time Grammy Award nominee with album sales exceeding 25 million in the United States alone. Rock’s 1998 album, Devil Without a Cause, sold a whopping 14 million copies worldwide. Ever since his debut into the music world back in the early 1990s when he broke onto the scene as a hip-hop artist, the music industry has struggled to put him in a box. So who is Kid Rock?

“Somebody who likes to have fun, who likes to treat people kind [and] have a great time. [Who] stands up for what he believes in at all costs…I like to jerk people’s chains a little bit. It’s just fun for me.”

You can watch his explosive medley in the video below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!