Korie Robertson Overwhelmed With Love In Her Time Of Need

Tom Pennington / Getty Images

In an incredible moment showing the strength and resilience of the Duck Dynasty clan, one of the beloved members highlights how grateful she is to have such amazing people in her life – and how they’ve all stepped up to help her at a time when she needed them!

Just a few weeks ago, the Robertson’s got a call from Hallmark Channel about their daughter, Sadie Robertson, and were informed she’d been cast in a role for a new movie, but she’d need to spend several weeks in Mexico for filming. Of course this wonderful family would do anything to support her dreams, so mom Korie Robertson, and other family members hatched a plan to accompany her while she was on set.

As Korie writes on Instagram in a recent post, “We couldn’t let her go alone! Rebecca Robertson went first, my mom [Chrys Howard] went next, and then I came to hang with her this last week!” 

Being a treasured and valuable part of the Robertson family, Korie knew that she could count on everyone back home to keep things running smoothly while she spent some quality time with her daughter in Mexico.

“This is also to say how awesome all the people are who took my place in all of the things I was supposed to be doing these past 8 days,” She exclaimed gratefully. “The good news is life at home went on and nothing fell apart!”

“Our kids have an awesome Dad who made sure everything still ran smoothly, went to all the basketball games and called me after each one with a full report,” Korie went on. “I have amazing parents who always step up to the plate to help wherever needed, and a lot of people in my life who help me get things done. Like driving 3 hours both ways to pick up kids, teaching crafts at camp, rescheduling meetings, and changing flights, taking care of our home and so so much more…I couldn’t do it without all of you! I don’t take it for granted; absolutely none of it goes unnoticed! You are awesome and I am thankful for you each and every day!

It’s clear that this mama was feeling the love when she drafted this heartfelt message to all of her family members that helped make it possible for her to go be with her daughter and take a small vacation during this incredible moment in Sadie’s life.

What an amazing family system they have and a truly unbreakable bond. Check out Korie Robertsons’ full post below and be sure to watch the video where she and husband Willie open up about their parenting, too.