Lisa Marie’s Daughters Lawyer Up In Battle For Elvis’s Money

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The ongoing saga of Lisa Marie Presley’s estate has taken a new twist, as her 14-year-old twins, Harper and Finley Lockwood, have now enlisted legal representation to secure their rightful share of the iconic Elvis Presley fortune.

According to Yahoo News, the twins are seeking a guardian ad litem to protect their interests in the heated trust case filed by their sister, Riley Keough, earlier this year.

Being minors, it’s crucial for Harper and Finley to ensure they receive everything they are entitled to from the massive Presley estate. As the remaining family members negotiate their portions, the twins want to safeguard their financial future. Both Harper and Finley are beneficiaries of the Trust, making it all the more essential for them to have legal protection.

Riley Keough & Priscilla Presley Reach An Agreement

Back in June 2023, Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley reached an agreement over Lisa Marie’s estate, with Riley becoming the sole Trustee. The settlement aimed to save significant legal fees and avoid any contentious intra-family battles, aligning with Lisa’s wishes and the best interests of the family. In an act of generosity, Riley stated that she would not charge for her trustee services, which would have otherwise gone to Priscilla.

Now tasked with safeguarding and investing the money for her younger sisters, Riley bears the responsibility of ensuring their financial well-being while adhering to the Trust’s guidelines without any personal influence.

As for Priscilla, she was named the Trustee of her son, Navarone Garibaldi’s sub-trust, entitling him to one-ninth of the Trust. The remaining portion will be divided among Riley, Finley, and Harper. Priscilla is set to receive a one-time lump sum payment from the Trust, although the specific amount remains undisclosed. It’s worth noting that Priscilla was removed as the Trustee from her daughter’s estate on May 11, leading to the current distribution arrangement.

Lisa Marie Presley posted this photo to Facebook with the caption, "My family and I are so truly honored and grateful to have been asked to put our handprints in such an incredible and historic place together at the TCL Chinese Theater on the Hollywood Walk of Fame."
Lisa Marie Presley / Facebook

The passing of Lisa Marie Presley in January 2023 shocked the entertainment industry.

According to court documents, she died from a “sequelae of small bowel obstruction,” a long-term complication resulting from a bariatric surgery she underwent years ago. The autopsy ruled her death as natural, ruling out any foul play or injuries.

The revelation of Lisa Marie’s bariatric surgery came as a surprise to her friends, who were unaware of the procedure. They remember her as someone who didn’t appear to need such surgery, having only undergone minor cosmetic treatments like Botox and skin fillers in the past. The toxicology report showed therapeutic levels of oxycodone in her blood, but it was not considered a contributing factor to her death.

As Lisa Marie Presley’s fans await the resolution of the estate battle, her legacy lives on through her children and her enduring connection to the Elvis Presley empire. The recent legal developments add another layer of intrigue to this gripping tale of fame, family, and the fight for rightful inheritance. Stay tuned for further updates as the story unfolds.

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