Man Films Herd Of Deer Stampeding Past Him In The Woods

@hunting_the_life / Instagram

A wild video filmed by a group of people walking through the woods shows the moment a large herd of deer came stampeding in their direction, and it got intense!

The video was shared on the Instagram page Hunting The Life and appears to have taken place somewhere in Europe. The man who was filming was standing behind a tree while the massive herd of deer started running in the group’s direction.

There were so many, it looked like a herd of maybe one or two hundred deer. Some with massive antlers, some with small antlers, and others with none.

@hunting_the_life / Instagram

The deer were very nervous and ran dangerously close to the group of people. In the footage, you can see some of the people hiding behind trees for protection while others stood on an open trail.

At one point, the man filming the video started yelling to let the deer know he was there so the deer wouldn’t run at him. Others started doing the same thing which seemed to work because the herd took notice and began to move away from the people.

It was astonishing to watch the herd move through the forest, some of them jumping as they got close to the people and then floating through the air with impressive hang time.

Fortunately, no one was hurt by the stampede of deer and the animals just moved passed them and carried on running through the woods.

Watch The Wild Deer Footage Below