Mike Fisher Shares Love For Carrie Underwood’s New Book, Says He’s “So Proud”

(Left) Mike Fisher / Instagram/(Right) Carrie Underwood / Instagram

On Tuesday (March 3), Carrie Underwood released her brand-new book.

Titled Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong with the Fit52 Life, the book is all about Underwood’s “year-round common-sense approach to health and fitness.”


Even though Underwood’s book has only been out for a few days, it has already earned a few famous fans.

One such fan is her good friend and former CMA Awards co-host, Brad Paisley. Underwood sent him a copy of the book along with a few promotional accessories, including a workout towel and some hair scrunchies.

Paisley shared a photo of himself reading the book with the towel wrapped around his neck. Always the comedian, he praised Underwood’s work before joking about the extra gifts she sent to him.

Can’t put this masterpiece down,” he wrote. “So proud of @carrie underwood #findyourpath And thanks for my stylish souvenir towel.” He also wanted to make it known he gave the scrunchies to his wife, Kimberly.


Underwood saw Paisley’s post and thanked him for it on Instagram.

She also poked fun at him for not wearing the scrunchies, writing, “…just want you to find your path to your best self, you know? And I think your best self wears the scrunchies!

Paisley wasn’t the only person who took to social media to share some love for Underwood’s new book. Her husband, retired NHL player Mike Fisher, also gushed about Find Your Path in a post he made on Instagram.

Fisher uploaded a photo of himself holding his wife’s book in one hand. He made it clear how much he admires her and her work, writing, “So proud of @carrieunderwood for putting so much into this book! She inspires me daily to be healthy and take care of myself!

He encouraged all of his followers to rush out and pick up their own copies of the book. You can read his full post below.


How sweet is that? We love the love these two share!

Since Underwood was in New York City for her book’s release date, she wasn’t at home with Fisher and their two sons when the tornado came through Nashville.

Speaking with TODAY, Underwood said Fisher woke both boys up in the middle of the night and took them to a “safe room” in their house while they waited on the storm to pass. Listen to her tell that story and talk more about her book in the video below.