Man Lays Log Across Creek – Films Wildlife Walking Across It For 2 Years

Bush's Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera / YouTube

Robert Bush, a professional wildlife photographer from Pennsylvania captured some of the most amazing footage of many different animals in the forest walking across a log that was laying over a creek.

Robert actually set the log across the creek himself to make a bridge for the animals to walk across and then set his camera up to record what would happen. Over the course of a couple of years, he captured up-close and personal footage of bears, bobcats, deer, beavers, ducks, cranes, chipmunks, squirrels, bluebirds, coyotes, raccoons, turkeys, and many other animals.

After gathering all the footage Robert created a compilation of the different animals enjoying themselves using the log-bridge. He then posted the video to his YouTube channel called Bush’s Pennsylvania Wildlife Camera. He also has a Facebook page named the same where he posts many more pictures and videos of the animals he captures on camera.

The most incredible thing about the video was being able to see all the different animals put the log to use in their natural habitat. By either using it to cross the river, stand on, fish from or swim under, so much wildlife was able to use that one log. Now, go check out this incredible video below.