Tennessee Couple Married For 50 Years Die Side-By-Side In Tornado

Submitted by Teresa Lewis Mann

As the true effects and results of the devastation of Tuesday’s deadly tornado are coming to light, the stories of the residents who lost their lives are being shared with the community around Nashville – and nationwide.

During the storm, a large and destructive tornado touched down and tore a path across middle Tennessee covering more than 50 miles and leaving hundreds of people homeless and causing millions of dollars in damage. As of this writing, more than 24 people were killed by the tornado.

Two of the beloved Tennessee residents who lost their lives in this storm were Donna and James Eaton of Mt. Juliet. Donna, 81, and James, 84, had been married for more than 50 years and were side-by-side when the tornado hit their home.  They were found next to each other on a mattress thrown from their bed when the storm leveled their house.

“About as close as you can get,” Mt. Juliet Police Department Capt. Tyler Chandler told USA Today.

Jame Eaton was about to celebrate his 85th birthday on Wednesday, March 4th, 2020. Donna Eaton was a retired business manager from their church, First Baptist Church Mt. Juliet and she continued to fill in with duties to help the church out.

Speaking with USA Today about the passing of two of the church’s congregants, Pastor Phillip Dunn said that they “represented the very best of First Baptist.”

“To know them was to love them. They carried with them a happy spirit, and their love for their church family was a model to all of us,” he added. “To know that they were taken from us so quickly in a storm shocks all of us. We can also rest assured that Jim and Donna loved Christ and woke up with their faith becoming sight.”

The entire community is mourning the passing of this local couple among all of those who were killed, injured, and impacted by the destruction of this massive storm.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those in need during this terrible time.