Nightmarish Moment Father Finds Coyote Dragging His Toddler Away

KTLA 5 / YouTube

Video footage shows the terrifying moment a coyote grabbed a toddler with its sharp teeth out of her own front yard and tried to drag her off.

No, this isn’t a Little Red Riding Hood children’s book story. This is a real-life incident that happened in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles in broad daylight just three days ago on Friday (Dec 2).

The family security camera footage shows her father getting the girl out of her car seat after they had just come home from preschool and he reached back into the car to grab something when the coyote came out of nowhere and attacked.

It grabbed the innocent girl by the leg and drug her out of the front yard and onto the sidewalk scraping her forehead on the concrete while she screamed in pain.

Her father Ariel Eliyahuo heard her scream and thought she had just fell but when he went to check on her he noticed the nightmare that was unfolding in real life.

He screamed loudly to scare the wild animal off and fortunately, it ran off while he bent down to check on his daughter and pick her up off the ground.

KTLA 5 / YouTube

Her mother Shira Eliyahuo can be heard screaming in the video as she saw what was going on. Ariel threw a rock at the coyote to keep it from lingering around their home before taking his daughter inside the house.

The two parents ended up taking her to the hospital where she could get rabies shots and receive medical treatment for a deep wound inflicted on her leg and the scratches on her forehead.

“She has a lot of scratches on her left leg and one of them is really deep,” Shira said of her daughter’s injuries. “We had to go to the ER. We had to get her rabies shots. The coyote just kind of dragged her so her face is also a little bit bruised.”

The parents explain more to KTLA 5 News in the interview video below.