Otter Chases Dog Into Home – Mom Grabs Otter & Throws It Out Of The House

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17-year-old Gwyn Ewert from Lakeland, Florida got up early one morning to let her dog, Scooter, outside to use the restroom. It was the normal routine they’ve always done but this morning things turn out to be quite different.–YvlAa2W-Ai1fP9WA0rUjWvAoGS9hrM00/3772368536114616/?type=1&opaqueCursor=AbrNgpbjykONoVPNFpnpfjKjys6ClP_zQGkIU24VAz1cFnwFxCViNmSZq-6-lFSkZpnzGphaJe6Z_2EeDQl_oo5uYndI7ACjyieLpUOJHBGc1e1vZozznJ9z7kfXDnL2FmfXqMUfLslrC5-i8r26TP9K5Vsk4iIelT1U1zrqeZR8ztHkAPMcEIXBjard68PF5WcBY1zQueX1tC9tlimUI-yq0Jo5TIite2UKVX74x4_5f9gIJV0dBcXp_sPjaxCfYBRrPpsHjXs836msxu74uW67b91NnjyMi5C-u1LuBj7On9IkZ99D-1kQdUsNgM7DeKj6J9sOnXFMT5HJdkom7JdsiBuerYxxSSwQWPnTJR9CoTix8zZC23CSBK8WKg4SioQrNDEkwQoLIN1bKJogIAPFEvan1sOG4aehoKWgPE1h1rWk8rH0FcK71VMEEBB7YqVLx5DnxInLYMbbZ4UBCnnmVnYOgAodV3kJ1OcPWSLtEuDo-w31Uhnu_HEs1itoP8TcJ9W147qb_nnvYRv4uDS7&theater

This morning there happened to be an angry otter in the yard and it wanted to fight with Scooter. Gwyn said she heard them going at it and she went to the backdoor calling his name. Scooter quickly ran back inside but the battle didn’t end there, the otter made its way inside and the two started going at it again.

“I sprinted to the backdoor and I was like, ‘Scooter!'” Gwyn Ewert told My Fox 8. “All I saw was, like, a big, black ball just all over the place. So he stumbled in the door, and I tried to shut it as fast as possible, but then the otter got stuck.”

The loudness of the fight woke everyone up in the house and Gwyn’s mother Casina came into the living room to see what was going on. By this time her daughter had already been bitten a couple of times by the otter and that’s when her protective mother instincts kicked in.

Without hesitation, Casina grabs the otter by the back to the neck and screamed for someone to open the door. As she tried to walk towards the door the otter grabbed onto a chair trying to get away. Pulling the chair across the floor she finally was able to get it to the door and threw it back outside.

Gwyn and Scooter were taken to the hospital to get rabies shots and the Florida Fish and Wildlife officials were notified about the otter. They’re still on the lookout for it and Dustin Hooper from All Creatures Wildlife Control says if an otter is acting like that then something isn’t right with it.