Outrage After Off-Leash Dog Chases Lamb Off Cliff

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According to officials in Bude, a city located in the United Kingdom, a dog off its leash chased a lamb off a cliff causing it to fall and become badly hurt, and then it had to suffer for two days before anyone did anything about it.

Local resident Ms. Davidson told Metro UK, “This lamb was stuck on a ledge and injured for two days until the Monday when the farmer finally came down and shot it. It was left with no food, water, in the cold and left to die basically.

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It happened on the cliffs near Duckpool Cove and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) was called to help the poor creature. However, after assessing the situation, they concluded that due to landslides in the area, it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue.

“There was so much chatter in Bude and so many people were crying for help that it became a big thing. People were visiting this lamb and it was still alive two days later, it’s pitiful really,” Ms. Davidson told Metro UK.

After 48 hours and one coming to help, the farmer ultimately decided to euthanize the animal and relieve it from its misery by shooting it. The residents say this is the reason why they ask people to keep their dogs on a leash and they are hoping this incident will encourage others to be better about this moving forward.