Phil Robertson Recalls First Meeting With Daughter He Didn’t Know He Had

I Am Second/YouTube

Duck Dynasty fans were surprised last year when the Robertson family shared the news that family patriarch, Phil Robertson, was father to more than the four sons that he and wife Kay share. He also has a daughter that he didn’t know about!

More than 40 years ago, long before Phil Robertson gave his life to Jesus, the reality television star lived a wild life of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll.” During that time, he had an affair, something that Kay was well aware of. In fact, she recently said in an interview that she had long ago prepared her sons for the possibility that they had a sibling or two that they didn’t know about.

During the ten years that Phil was struggling, Kay became a born-again Christian, something that Phil didn’t appreciate. He sent Kay and the boys packing, but Kay stayed committed to their marriage and prayed for her husband daily.

“My life was spiraling out of control in a hurry,” Phil said. “It’s literally what Jesus said, ‘from darkness to light.'”

After Phil became a Christian, he gave up drinking and took his family back to Louisiana where he bought a house on the river. He started working as a commercial fisherman while he built his duck call business from the ground up. That duck call business would become Duck Commander…the product that launched his family to stardom on Duck Dynasty.

Nearly three years after the last episode of Duck Dynasty aired, Phil Robertson got a call that would change his life. His son, Alan, had been in touch with a woman who claimed to be Phil’s daughter. Over the course of a month, Alan did his research on the claims and felt like there was enough evidence to tell his parents about this woman who may be his sister.

A DNA test proved that the woman named Phyllis was, in fact, Phil Robertson’s daughter. In a recent interview with I Am Second, Phyllis shared her side of the story about finding her father, and Phil recalled the moment he first met Phyllis.

“I put my hands on her face and I looked into her eyes to see if I could see a little of me in there,” Phil said. “And I did. And I thought ‘welcome aboard.’ A daughter I didn’t know I had. She was lost, but now she’s found.”

Following their meeting, Phil and Kay invited Phyllis and her family to move next door. Three months later, Phyllis moved to Louisiana where she and her family are getting to know her long-lost father, Miss Kay and her brothers.

Watch the full I Am Second interview with Phyllis, Phil and Kay Robertson below.