Reba McEntire Spills The Beans On Her Future TV Plans

Icon Sportswire / Contributor / Getty Images

We have been seeing a lot of Reba McEntire lately and we are most definitely NOT complaining!

Along with winning big at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in January, debuting her new boyfriend Skeeter, and meeting her newest grandchild, a puppy named Watson, McEntire has also become the newest, and first female, Colonel Sanders for KFC!

She teased the news on social media, with a photo of her sitting at a makeup table with a photo of the original Colonel Sanders on her right, and glasses, a white wig and mustache/goatee, and bowtie to her left.

Hours later, her first commercial as Colonel Sanders debuted to rave reviews! Since then, a couple others have aired on television and it’s all everyone can talk about! In an interview with AdAge, McEntire spilled the beans on the process of becoming the iconic Colonel and her other aspirations.

One of the reasons she signed on to portray a white-haired man was the shock value.

“I think shocking everybody,” she said when asked what drew her to the gig. “They didn’t think I would do something like that. That’s always when it’s the most fun to me, when it’s a shocker, like, ‘Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe she did that!’ I like surprising my fans.”

Speaking of surprising her fans, AdAge then asked if she would ever return to television, since she had such success with her sitcom Reba, which ran from 2001-2007.

“We’re working on it,” she revealed, noting that she couldn’t really give anymore details than that. “We’re in the very infancy stage of all of that. TV is a very funny animal. … It’s a lot of work, a lot of hurry up and wait. Nothing we can talk about now, though.”

There was a point last year when we thought we’d see her on television again, but unfortunately, the pilot she filmed didn’t get picked up. Not only did she say that she’s working on getting back on a television show, she also revealed that she would be up to going back on Broadway!

The red-headed songstress, who starred as Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun in 2001, said that returning to Broadway would have “to be exactly the right project and subject matter.”

We saw three wonderful plays on Broadway, and it kind of gives me an itch to go back and do it again. I love doing Broadway. It’s so much fun and the theater people, it’s just the best community,” she added.

Sounds like we will have to wait a bit to see Reba on TV again, but in the meantime, take a look at her KFC commercials below.