Scotty McCreery Shares “Pretty Wild” Story About His Son’s Birth

Scotty McCreery / Instagram

Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, welcomed their son Merrick “Avery” McCreery on October 24.

Never known a love like this…” the couple wrote in a shared statement on social media. “Merrick ‘Avery’ McCreery joined us 11 days early on October 24th at 4:34am! 7 lbs 13oz of nothin but love…Thank yall for all of your prayers during this exciting season of life! Healthy baby and a healthy mama! Praise God.”


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Scotty recently opened up to PEOPLE about his experience being a new father. He also told the story of Avery’s birth, which he nearly missed!

The “It Matters to Her” singer said he was away from home when he got the call that Gabi was in labor:

“We were still two weeks early at the time…We’re building a place in the mountains and I had to go bring some stuff up there to get ready for the house. I was there for one night, and I was coming back in the morning. We both agreed — drop everything off and come right back.”

But after making that agreement, Gabi realized Avery was ready to arrive:

“She called me and she said, ‘Hey, I think it’s happening,'” Scotty recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh my word…’ I got on my way home on Interstate 40 [in North Carolina]. I put the flashers on and drove about as fast as my truck could go, and luckily got back just in time…It was pretty wild!”

Thankfully, Scotty made it back to see Avery make his way into the world. He said he felt “a lot of emotions” when he met his son:

“It was just instant, unconditional love,” he said. “I’ve never felt a love like that, never knew a love like that could exist, and at the same time was just so proud of Gabi and all the hard work she did during this time.”

Look below to see Scotty and Gabi in his official music video for “It Matters to Her.” The video was filmed while Gabi was still pregnant, and shows her and Scotty getting ready for Avery’s arrival.

Congratulations to the McCreerys on their new bundle of joy!