Shania Twain Announces “Fashionable” Vegas Residency

Shania Twain/Instagram

Las Vegas is about to experience a fresh wave of star power as country superstar Shania Twain gears up for her upcoming residency show, “Come on Over,” scheduled to kick off in May 2024. This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill performance; it’s actually shaping up to be a blend of Twain’s musical performances mixed with her passion for fashion.

In a recent exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the five-time GRAMMY winner revealed her excitement about incorporating fashion into her new residency.

Known for her iconic style, Twain admitted, “I’ve really discovered the joy of creating my styling myself. I’ve always collaborated, but this is a whole other level. I’m going to be doing more of that at the Come on Over residency.”


What To Expect From Shania Twain’s Upcoming Vegas Show

While Twain promises to showcase her fashion-forward approach, her music remains at the heart of the show. Fans can anticipate the classic hits that have made her a household name, as well as the possibility of sneak peeks into her Queen of Me album or even some unreleased gems. Twain, however, playfully hints, “I don’t wanna give everything away.”

The Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood is set to host Twain’s residency, providing an intimate atmosphere compared to the large-scale arenas of her world tour. It’s a setting that allows her to connect with the audience in a unique way, much like her previous energetic and captivating “Let’s Go” residency show.

Twain’s confidence has grown over the years, and she attributes it to the wealth of experience she’s gained.

“I’ve got more confidence in being spontaneous and trying new things,” she shares. Her pre-show rituals and routines are part of her preparation process, as she explains, “I always start moving to engage my diaphragm,” adding humorously, “If I eat any solids hours before the show, I’ll have to burp.”

Behind The Scenes Of Shania Twain’s Life

Behind the scenes, Twain’s journey has been one of overcoming challenges. Her battles with Lyme disease, dysphonia, and even a bout with COVID pneumonia in 2020 tested her resilience. However, she’s emerged stronger, now relishing in her health and newfound energy.

I’ve got just more self-confidence. Self-doubt, I just don’t have time for that,” she shares. Twain’s drive and determination are unwavering, a sentiment she sums up with a smile, saying, “I would rather be wrong and make a mistake but still be moving forward than to be stuck or fenced in by fear or self-doubt.”

As Shania Twain gears up for her “Come on Over” residency, fans can look forward to a show that not only highlights her musical greatness but also her love for fashion and her incredible journey. So mark your calendars and prepare to be swept away by the magic that is Shania Twain, live in Las Vegas.

Listen To Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” Song Below