Shania Twain Shows Off Some Skin In Smoldering New Snapshot

Shania Twain / Instagram

Over the years, Shania Twain has made a number of powerful fashion statements. She has always been known for pushing the boundaries with her attire, such as her famous leopard print outfit in her music video for “That Don’t Impress Me Much.”

Now 52, Twain is as stunning as ever, and continues to make bold choices when it comes to fashion. Just take the cover of her brand-new album Now as an example. The cover shows Twain in a pair of leopard print gloves, a clear throwback to her “That Don’t Impress Me Much” days. A matching coat is draped over her back, leaving her sheer, black bra exposed.

But if you thought that photo was sexy, just wait until you see one of the latest pictures Twain had to share. This photo could have the power to stop traffic!

On Tuesday (December 19), Twain interrupted her spree of posting Christmas photos and videos when she shared a smoldering snapshot from a photoshoot. Shot in black and white, the photo shows Twain sitting in a car parked in what appears to be a desert-like area.

Twain perched herself on the driver’s side of the car, and rested her arm on the door, which was swung wide open. She sported a long coat with a deep V-neck that showed off some serious skin.

The coat was situated over Twain’s lap so the top of her legs were placed on full display. The whole look was accented with a pair of tall boots, which came up to Twain’s knees.

Perhaps the sexiest part about the photo is Twain’s confident expression. She directed her eyes straight at the camera, her mouth set in a near-smile while strands of hair waved across her forehead.

In other words, we’d say that this photo is destined to drop a few jaws! Are y’all ready for it? Well, here it is!

She’s looking good, that’s for sure! Throw it back to another one of Twain’s head-turning looks when you check out her video for “That Don’t Impress Me Much” below.