Snoop Dogg Reveals Country Singer Is Only Person To Out-Smoke Him

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

While they come from two different walks of life, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and country music icon Willie Nelson have one very unique hobby in common, their love for smoking marijuana.

In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Snoop Dogg discussed his favorite fellow cannabis connoisseurs, the rapper hilariously revealing the country icon as the only person to ever out smoke him.

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

”Seth Rogan was here and we had a conversation about the Mount Rushmore of pot smokers, and of course, you are on that Mount Rushmore,”  joked Kimmel. ”Who would you put on Mount Rushmore?”

After a taking a moment to weigh his options, the rapper went on to say that he would put Bob Marley, Cheech and Chong, and none other than country music legend Willie Nelson on his weed-themed Mount Rushmore.

”And by the way, Willie Nelson is the only person who has ever out-smoked me,” revealed Snoop.

Snoop is not the first artists to get out-done by Nelson when it comes to smoking the green stuff. Even Toby Keith has admitted through his song, “I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again” that the country legend’s smoking skills are top notch.

In addition to their shared hobby, the Snoop and Nelson previously collaborated on a song together titled ”My Medicine” featured off Snoop Dogg’s 2008 album Egotrippin‘.

You can watch the full interview below.