Someone In Nashville Spent 22 Hours This Year Listening To Just One Country Song

Keith Urban Instagram

You know how it is…you hear a good country song and just like that, you’re hooked. No matter how many times you hear it, you can never seem to get enough. So you play it again, and again, and again.

One country fan in Nashville can relate to that feeling, because there is one hit song out there that they never get tired of listening to. The fan loves the song so much in fact, that the streaming service Spotify revealed that they spent a total of 22 hours listening to just that one song this year. Gee, do you think it may be their favorite song?

This anonymous country fan’s listening habits became public knowledge after Spotify set up a billboard in Nashville recognizing their feat. By random chance, the artist who recorded the fan’s favorite song happened to spot the billboard while in town. He wasted no time at all in snapping a photo of the billboard, and shared it with all of his followers on Instagram.

So what is the song, and who is the artist? We actually hinted at the song title in this article…

Still don’t know? Alright, then we’ll spill the beans. The artist is Keith Urban, and the song? His smash summer hit “Wasted Time.”

“Wasted Time” was released this year as the third single off of Urban’s album Ripcord, and it instantly caught on with audiences. The tune rocketed to the top of the charts in the U.S. and Canada, and was so popular that it crossed over to the pop charts.

The song is all about the time that people “throw away” during their youth, when they just hang out with friends and drive down old back roads. But we’d say the Nashville country fan didn’t waste any time at all when it came to finding a good song to listen to!

This is something that Spotify recognized, and they pointed it out in the billboard they dedicated to the devoted fan of Urban’s. Dear person who spent twenty-two hours listening to ‘Wasted Time’ this year, time well spent.

Urban obviously agreed, which is why he couldn’t resist sharing a photo of the billboard. “Someone in Nashville spent twenty-two hours listening to #WastedTime this year, so @Spotify decided to get them a billboard. Time well spent, indeed,” he wrote in the caption.

You can try to beat the Nashville fan’s record right now by catching the music video to “Wasted Time” below! Is there a country song that you could easily listen to for nearly 24 hours in one year? If so, let us know which one in the comments!