Stampeding Bison Run Past Visitors At Yellowstone National Park

ViralHog / YouTube

Lisa Stewart had just left Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park when she noticed a group of people walking down to the river on her way out. They were walking towards some bison that were crossing the river to the herd on the other side.

“The people saw them and started walking closer and closer toward the bison,” Lisa explained to USA Today. “They kept getting more agitated by the minute. They walked farther down. Out of my sight, but I could still hear them grunting and blowing.” 

ViralHog / YouTube

Lisa grabs her phone and starts filming the scary situation that was about to unfold. All of a sudden, a group of full-grown bison come running full speed past the people to cross the river, getting very close to them.

“You only see about four-to-six people on the video, but there were more in the same spot the bison come running from,” Lisa said. “The fishermen grabbed their stuff and ran, and then you see the bison running, and I felt relief the people didn’t get trampled.”

As she moves her camera up the river you can see another group of Bison stampeding past a second group of people. Bystanders yell at the tourists to get out of the way of the bison and inform them of how unwise it is to be down there with the wild animals, much less trying to walk towards them. Things could have definitely gone wrong and lucky they didn’t get injured.

Watch The Stampeding Bison Footage Below