Tap Dancing Fiddle Girl Plays “Devil Went Down To Georgia”

Hillary Klug / Facebook

Hillary Klug, an awesome fiddler from Tennessee, posted an incredible video of herself on Facebook, tap dancing and playing the fiddle on a dock right beside the river. She says she’s a dancing fiddler who’s proud to preserve her heritage.

“I’m a dancing fiddler! I’m proud to preserve my Tennessee music heritage and share with audiences around the world!” Hillary wrote about herself on her Facebook page.


In the video, she gets down to the classic “Devil Went Down To Georgia” song and captions it that she’s paying tribute to the late Charlie Daniels. With her awesome boots and charming country girl swag, she strums them strings and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to tapping her feet.


The video was posted on July 22nd and, within two days, she received over 24,000 likes. Her cheerful demeanor and passion to uphold the Tennessean fiddle and dance traditions sure do show.

She’s performed to many songs, like “Cotton Eyed Joe,” and “Oh! Susanna.” You can watch her performances on her YouTube channel called, Hillary Klug.

She also has Facebook and Instagram account where you can view pictures and videos she uploads. In the meantime, take a look at her performing “Devil Went Down To Georgia” in the video below!