Truly Launches Full Lineup Of Ice Cream Containing Alcohol

Tipsy Spoon / Instagram

Truly has been a large competitor in the market of hard seltzer and they’re now branching out into alcoholic food options. That’s right, Truly’s latest venture has let them to partner up with the New York-based ice cream shop, Tipsy Spoon, and release a line of boozy ice creams and sorbets inspired by their spiked seltzers.

The frozen dessert is infused with one of Truly’s four spiked lemonade seltzer flavors that debuted earlier this year: original, mango, black cherry, and strawberry.

Each container of ice cream and sorbet contains 5% alcohol-by-volume. The variety pack will run you about $44 dollars for 4 pints.

Tipsy Scoop said it best on their website,

“No need for elaborate cocktails or homemade hard seltzer slushies when you could have an entire booze infused-dessert right at your fingertips, thanks to Truly of course.”

Tipsy Scoop is selling a pint of each ice cream/sorbet variety alongside a can of each of the four hard seltzer flavors as one large, warm-weather, party-ready shipment for $60. Or if it’s just the dessert you’re after, a variety pack of only pints is going for $48. Orders can be shipped nationwide and can be placed at Tipsy Scoop. The company also has six “barlours” across the country in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Citi Field, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas, and Dallas.

To learn how to make your own boozy ice cream check out the video below.