Turkey Chases Off Postal Woman In 2016 Video

Dana Street / YouTube

Around Thanksgiving, people fantasize about the large amounts of food they are going to consume on the holiday – the traditional main dish being, Turkey. Well, this one, in particular, wasn’t scared of being put on a plate. Heck! He even went after a poor, innocent mail carrier who was just trying to do her job…

Turkeys Don’t Want You To Get Mail

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time a mail carrier has been attacked by turkeys. In Cape Cod, Massachusetts a mailman has figured out a way to keep the local gobbling guys off his back. He had to invest in a large pole to keep them from getting close enough to harass him!

Just Trying To Do Her Job

But one woman wasn’t quite as prepared for turkey season. While trying to get back in her car, the postal woman noticed that a very large turkey isn’t about to let her. She filmed the whole ordeal on her camera phone. While it might have been scary for her at the time, it is hard not to laugh at the situation as it unravels on film.

She tells the camera, “This turkey will not let me get back in my mail truck. I’ve got to reload my mail.”

At first, she laughs and even questions “I don’t know if turkeys hurt people?” With that, he charged at the poor woman and you can hear her screaming.

Dana Street / YouTube

What Should You Do In A Turkey Attack?

According to the Government of Massachusetts, turkeys become aggressive around shiny objects – like trucks, tires, and really anything that reflects. Which is why this woman was not able to get back in her vehicle, the turkey was trying to drive away the intruder.


To avoid aggressive turkeys, the page says to make loud noises or even swat a broom at them to keep them off your tail. If only our poor postal worker knew that in advance! You can watch her hysterical attempt to get back in her mail truck in the video below.