Two Bobcats Caught Falling In Love On Trail Cam

Center for Biological Diversity / Facebook

Retired biology teacher Robyn Sloan from Lyons, Colorado was blown away after finding an incredible interaction between two bobcats on a trail camera that she placed in the right spot in the wilderness.

The footage showed an adult male bobcat crossing paths with an adult female and instead of them fighting it out for territory, they showed each other a little bit of feline affection.

The two cats can be seen slowly walking towards one another while simultaneously letting out mating calls to let the other one know they are on the market and interested in romance.

Center for Biological Diversity / Facebook

Robyn said she placed the cameras in an area around her home and she knew right away, after watching the video, the footage was special.

“I didn’t believe what I was seeing,” Robyn told The Dodo. “Sometimes you just get very lucky in where you place your camera.”

The timer on the camera eventually turned off before the two cats got even more physical, however, this incident apparently took place on Valentine’s Day so we can only imagine how the rest of the interaction went.

“I think she probably did have kittens two months later [as the gestation period for bobcats lasts about 60 days],” Robyn said. “She would have scratched his face off if she wasn’t receptive to his advances.”