You’ll Double Take When You See Gretchen Wilson’s Voting Disguise

Gretchen Wilson / Facebook

Being a celebrity can be tough – no matter where you go, people recognize you and want either an autograph or a photo from you. So when this celebrity wanted to get out and vote, she decided to hide in plain sight to perform their civic duty. 

Not The First Undercover Celebrity

This wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity went undercover. Often for humor purposes, celebs will dress up and prank fans. Even actor and former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover as a gym employee!

Just Trying To Vote In Peace

This time, it wasn’t a government official dressing up – but the woman who would be voting on them. When you’re a celebrity, it can be difficult to even get groceries at a store so she knew she had to put on a disguise.

She even mentioned in her post that, “Voting in a costume makes it easy for celebrities! Haha!”

So while the rest of us can easily head to the voting booth, this country star needed to first put on a few items to blend in.

A Cleverly Casual Disguise

Our celebrity put on a Waffle House uniform, a pair of sunglasses and some hoops to pull the whole thing together.


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She even added some “flare” to the getup with hat-pins that had company catch-phrases on them like “Friends don’t let friends eat pancakes.”

Gretchen Wilson / Facebook

Voting In Wilson County, TN

Our clever celebrity was none other than the fan-favorite “Redneck Woman,” Gretchen Wilson! While she didn’t say who she voted for, she was excited to have been part of our country’s history…and to have gotten away with her epic disguise!

Gretchen has been going strong over the past year and has even released another fun tune for us redneck gals to get down to. You can check out her “Stacy” music video below and be sure to let us know what you think of her clever disguise in the comments!