Dale Jr. Confesses He Stole From His Dad

Sarah Crabill/Getty Images

The recently-retired NASCAR driver opened up during an episode of his weekly podcast where he admitted to stealing from his father – but when you find out why, you’ll have a laugh!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. wasn’t always the 14-time most-popular driver in NASCAR. No, he was a kid just like all of us. And sometimes, we don’t always behave the way we were raised to. In this instance, that includes stealing even when you know it’s wrong.

Back in the day, Dale Jr. says that he took it upon himself to steal more than 320 quarters from his dad’s change jar. An undertaking that certainly required a lot of effort and ingenuity.

According to his story, Dale Jr. went out to the car, ripped off the antenna and put some duct tape on the end. He then proceeded to fish $80 worth of quarters out of this massive glass change jar his dad had been keeping.

“Even though I got in trouble,” he says laughing. “I was real proud of myself for the ingenuity.”

It seems that Dale Jr. was fishin’ and on a mission! He definitely wanted a GameBoy and wasn’t taking “no” for an answer.

But, what was the cause of his undoing? As he tells it, the housekeeper watched him snatch all these quarters from his dad’s jar…and ratted him out!

Hear Dale Jr. tell the entire story in the video clip below – and tell us if you have a similar story!