Jelly Roll Sets His Sights On “5K By Turkey Day” After Crushing His First One

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Jelly Roll has been making headlines with his inspiring fitness journey, and his determination is truly inspiring.

Earlier this month, Jelly Roll achieved a significant milestone by completing his first 5K race, a goal he had set for himself back in January. He finished the 2 Bears 5K alongside Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.


Tom Segura’s motto is so precious 🥲 great time hanging with the bears at Netflix is Joke @Netflix Is A Joke @2 Bears 5K @bertkreischer @Tom Segura @2Bears1CavePodcast @Jelly Roll #netflixisajoke

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This achievement holds special significance for the “Save Me” singer as he openly confessed that at the beginning of his fitness journey, he couldn’t even walk a mile.

In an interview with ET, Jelly Roll shared, “I couldn’t walk a mile when I started trying to do this back in January. So the fact that we got 3-point-whatever it was, got it down, I felt really, really good about it.”

Jelly Roll’s dedication to fitness is evident as he continues to share his weight loss and plans for the future.

As the date of the 3.1-mile race approached, Jelly Roll revealed to PEOPLE that he had lost “70-something pounds” and was planning to lose “another 100, 100-and-something [pounds].”

After conquering the 5K, Jelly Roll is now eyeing an even bigger goal for next year – a half marathon!

Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie XO, has been a pillar of support and celebration throughout his journey.

Bunnie, who also participated in the 5K, shared a video on social media documenting their post-race celebration, expressing her pride in him for his recent accomplishment.

“What a beautiful day w/ beautiful ppl! So proud of my baby doing the 5k & losing 50 lbs to do it!”


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And now, Jelly Roll is setting himself up for another major fitness goal — another “5K by Turkey day!”

On Wednesday, May 22, Bunnie posted a video on TikTok featuring the country star engaged in his morning workout, swimming laps in their pool alongside their daughter Bailee.

“Morning exercise, baby!” Jelly can be heard cheering in the video.

The singer then told Bunnie, “I’m going to make an announcement…you ready? 5K by Turkey Day, baby!”

Fans flooded the video with enthusiastic and supportive comments, showcasing their excitement for Jelly Roll’s journey.

“I can’t love this enough. It looks like Jelly Roll is healing his inner child. Such happiness.”

“5K by turkey day!!! Woooohoooo!!! I love watching his health journey!”

“I love seeing Jelly Roll get healthy and having fun.”

“You got it Jelly!!! 5k by Turkey day!!”

“We believe in you, Jelly!”

We are incredibly excited for Jelly and wish him the best of luck with his inspiring fitness journey!