Kenny Rogers Forced To Postpone Concert

Import via AXS

In September 2015, Kenny Rogers announced on TODAY that he would be retiring after nearly 60 years in the music business. But Rogers knew he couldn’t retire without offering one last tour to his fans. That’s when he announced his plans to embark on a two-year farewell tour, called The Gambler’s Last Deal.

Although it was tough for Rogers to make the decision to retire, he knew it was the right thing to do. He has 12-year-old twin sons at home, and he wants to be able to enjoy more time with them.

At age 78, Rogers also realizes that now is simply the best time to hang up his hat. He explained his thinking during an interview with The Daily Times, which was published on Wednesday (March 1).

I’m 78, and I don’t know how much longer I’m going to live, so I thought that if I’m going to do [a farewell tour], I should do it while I’m relatively healthy, and we took off with that concept,” he said. “I don’t really have any plans beyond this; whatever happens, happens.”

However, Rogers’ tour hasn’t been without hiccups. He had to reschedule a January 2016 concert due to illness, and rescheduled the concert a second time in March 2016.

Now, Rogers has been forced to postpone another concert on his farewell tour. A press release obtained by the Knoxville News Sentinel on Thursday (March 2) stated that Rogers would have to postpone his Friday (March 3) concert at the Knoxville City Center Auditorium.

The press release stated that Rogers was forced to postpone the concert “due to illness.”

Anyone who who wants to see Rogers in Knoxville will still have a chance to do so. The concert was rescheduled for April 6, and tickets are still available for purchase.

All of the tickets purchased for the postponed concert are valid for the April 6 concert as well, no exchange needed. If you’re unable to attend the rescheduled date, you can obtain a refund through one of two ways. The first is to visit the box office at the Knoxville Civic Auditorium and Coliseum. The office is open Monday-Friday from 10 AM-5 PM. You can also request a refund by calling 865-21-8999. However, refunds will only be available for one week, so be sure to request yours before 5 PM on March 9.

We hope that Rogers gets to feeling better soon so that he can enjoy the rest of his final tour. Sending prayers to him for a quick and complete recovery!