Luke Bryan Says This Season Of “Idol” Is 1st Time Someone’s Singing Made Him Cry

Luke Bryan / Twitter

A new season of American Idol begins on Valentine’s Day this year. In the lead-up to the season’s debut, its judges are reflecting on what they witnessed during the auditions.

Once again, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie have all returned to the judges’ table. All of them have been judges since Idol was rebooted on ABC in 2018.

Even though this is now Bryan’s fourth season judging Idol, he had previously never been moved to tears over a performance. But that all changed this season.

In a short video he shared to his social media profiles, Bryan spoke about what it’s like to judge the Idol auditions.

You never know what’s gonna walk through that door,” he said about the talent that comes in to audition for the show.

He says sometimes a person’s voice connects with you on a deeper level, and there’s no way of predicting when it will happen.

You get chill bumps all over your body, and it can happen at any moment when I’m at that judges’ table,” he said.

The video shows Bryan watching several auditions, though we never hear any of the singers’ voices. He’s then seen getting emotional at the judges’ table as he tells one contestant, “This is the first time just someone’s singing made me cry.”

Bryan echoed that comment in the video’s caption, writing, “This season is the first time someone has made me cry by just singing.”

If this is the first season Bryan has cried over someone’s voice, that means that someone has to have an extraordinary talent. We’re anxious to see who that someone is!

Enjoy your sneak peek at the new season of Idol by watching Bryan’s video below. We can’t wait to meet all of the new contestants!