Police Officers Apprehend “Hostile” Chicken In CVS Parking Lot

Elizabethtown Police Department/Facebook

A feisty chicken was causing quite the ruckus at an Elizabethtown, Kentucky, pharmacy on Friday (December 27, 2019). Two brave officers responded to a call reporting that a “very hostile chicken” was harassing patrons at CVS. The Elizabethtown Police Department detailed the event in a post to Facebook, saying:

“Sometimes…our guys and gals must go where others will not dare. Into the very teeth of danger. Well, into the very beak of danger anyway,” the post reads while claiming that the ferocious fowl was perhaps feeding an “addiction to corn or grubs or birdseed or whatever the heck chickens eat.”

The post also states that the chicken “viciously” pecked the responding officers and used parked vehicles for cover.

“Some quick thinking, unflappable bravery, and some MacGyver like ingenuity involving a milk crate led to the swift apprehension of the peevish poultry. We’re happy to say he was turned over to the custody of someone who can give him more suitable accommodations,” they added.

The officers are expected to fully recover with the help of doughnut therapy.