Secrets Of $3.2 Billion Air Force One

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The Presidential aircraft known as Air Force One can fly higher than any other aircraft, is as fast as an F-16 fighter jet, and acts like a bunker in case of a nuclear attack.

It’s the most unshakable and advanced aircraft in the world and we’re going to tell you everything we know about it.

For starters, Air Force One is a 747-200b aircraft and there are actually two of them. They are both custom-made by Boeing and upgraded by the U.S. military and it cost over $206,000 per hour just to operate them.

The plane is six stories high, 231 feet in length (which is longer than any other commercial jet), and weighs 83,3347 pounds.

It can fly at a maximum altitude of 45 thousand feet and make an 8900-mile journey in one go. Though it’s also capable of being refueled in mid-air so it can virtually stay in flight for almost indefinitely.

It can also go up to 600mph and nonpresidential aircraft are not allowed to fly within 1 mile of it.

Inside the aircraft has 4,000 square feet of floor space spread across three decks.

The upper deck is a telecommunications center with technology so advanced it acts as a mobile command center. The lower deck acts as a cargo hold and has a self-contained baggage handling system.

The middle deck is where the president stays and he has his own “flying Oval Office,” a bedroom, and even a private shower. The middle deck also houses the secret service, and it’s where the situation room is.

The middle deck has a kitchen and a massive quarter for up to 70 passengers that comes with work areas, a conference and dining room, and two kitchens.

Air Force One always has a doctor onboard and there is an operation room filled with all the latest medical equipment, including an extra supply of the president’s blood type.

As far as the aircraft’s defense systems go, it’s basically a flying bunker that can withstand a nuclear attack. Its entire body is armor-plated and so are the windows.

It has air-to-air missiles, ground-to-air missiles, and can use a laser to defend against drones. It has enemy radar jammers, ejecting flares that throw off enemy heat-seeking missiles, protection against an electromagnetic pulse, and a bunch of other classified top-level secrets to defend itself.

That’s all just to start of what flying around in Air Force One offers. If you want to see the full features of what else comes with the plane, watch the video below.

Secrets of U.S. President’s $3.2 Billion Air Force One Video Below