Snickers Releases New Texas Pecan Flavor

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After hunting down the perfect nut to add to their famous candy bars Snickers has finally settled on one – and it’s all about The Lone Star State. But…it’s also ALL GONE.

Crafted from Texas pecans and only available for a limited time, the candy company behind the famous brand, Mars, unveiled the Snickers Pecan Bar on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019.

Snickers’ new bar is one of the only varieties of Snickers bars that doesn’t include peanuts. The other is the Snickers Almond Bar.

Prior to making these available for sale, Snickers conducted a contest among its fans and had folks vote on which nut they’d like to see in the new bar. Pecans beat out cashews, macadamia nuts, and pistachios.

SNICKERS Pecan - Limited Edition

The Pecan bar comes in a box of 15 and sold for $30/box. The box is decked out in Texas-pride and features a big statement side that says “Fixin’ To Satisfy” which is simply perfect for this new candy bar

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Facebook / Snickers

Unfortunately for everyone reading this article who might want to snag a box of these sweet treats – they sold out in just a few hours. But for those who did manage to get their order in – the boxes will start shipping on September 30th.

Check out the full news report below…and if you really want one – you should check eBay starting on Monday.