Thief Steals Bag From Man’s Car, But Doesn’t Realize Snakes Are In It

photo credit: Brian Kusko / Facebook

Thief Steals Bag Of Reptiles

Brian Gundy, a reptile snake breeder was giving an animal presentation at the Martin Luther King library in San Jose when someone stole four of his snakes and a lizard.

The Story Of How The Reptiles Got Stolen

He had just bagged them up to take home and put them in his car parked on the 4th level of a parking garage after his educational presentation. He went back into the building to grab his last few bags only to come back and see something wasn’t right.

“As I was loading up my gear, I realized the bag that I had my four ball pythons and blue skink lizard inside that bag were gone and they were just there seconds ago,” Brian said.

Brian looked up to see a group of people in the distance who walked past his car carrying his bag. He tried to chase them down but they were too far away and couldn’t catch them.

Owner Goes To YouTube For Help

Very upset, he got on YouTube and filmed a video letting people know what happened and asking those who have information on the situation to contact him. Even though the snakes and lizard we’re valued at $5000 he says the money is not what he’s concerned about. He’s more concerned about the survival and wellbeing of the animals.

Fortunately, according to a CBS News report, three of the snakes have been recovered after being found in a dumpster by a lady who brought them to a local PetSmart. The other two reptiles, however, have not been seen yet.

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