“Yellowstone” Star Cole Hauser Launches Whiskey Brand

Lazy K Bar Bourbon Whiskey / Instagram

In the midst of a legal dispute between Yellowstone actor Cole Hauser and series creator Taylor Sheridan regarding their individual coffee brands, Hauser introduced his Lazy K Bar whiskey on Wednesday, December 13th.

The Lazy K Bar whiskey represents the long-standing traditions and hard-fought history of ranchers in Montana.

“I’m proud to announce that I have teamed up with some friends to start a whiskey brand inspired by the heritage and grit of the pioneers that built Montana,” Hauser wrote in an Instagram caption. “Our 8-year-old premium whiskey is now available exclusively in Montana and was awarded 98 points by the Tasting Panel magazine. If you’re in big sky country, I hope you’ll grab a bottle.”


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A recent Instagram post from Lazy K Bar Bourbon Whiskey reads, “Great whiskey takes patience. Lazy K Bar bourbon was born years ago, and long before it was bottled it was a dream. While the whiskey rested on oak, our partners developed their plans for a smooth-sipping bourbon that celebrates the heritage and strength of the pioneers that built Montana. Now, this dream has become a reality.”

The release of his whiskey brand followed shortly after Yellowstone creator Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch filed a lawsuit against Hauser’s Free Reign Coffee Company.

Hauser co-founded the Free Reign Coffee Company with Karl Pfluger, Aron Marquez, and Paul Anderson earlier this year. Per its website, Free Reign set out to craft a product that “embodied the dreamer’s mindset and callused hands of those cowboys [Hauser] admired.”

Cole Hauser poses with coffee cup for this new coffee company brand, Free Reain Coffee.
Free Rein Coffee

During a break from Yellowstone, Hauser, who portrays Rip Wheeler on the show, revealed the establishment of his coffee company back in October. The cowboy-themed blend is a tribute to the American Dream.


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Everything you need to know about the lawsuit filed against Hauser’s coffee company.

Just weeks after Free Rein Coffee’s debut, the brand found itself entangled in a legal battle with Bosque Ranch, owned by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan. Legal records revealed that Bosque Ranch filed the lawsuit against Free Rein Coffee for alleged trademark infringement, citing claims of unfair competition and false advertising. 

The suit claimed that Free Rein uses “a brand mark strikingly similar to Bosque Ranch’s registered trademark, potentially misleading consumers.”

Cole Hauser is set to resume filming for the concluding episodes of Yellowstone in the spring of 2024. We surely wish for greater success for his whiskey brand compared to his coffee venture!