8 Country Songs That Were Surprisingly One-Hit Wonders

LeeAnnWomackVEVO YouTube Channel/Sun Records/JessicaAndrewsVEVO YouTube Channel

There’s a reason why people place so much emphasis on the fact that George Strait has 61 number one hits. It’s no easy feat to be able to generate so many hit songs, even if you are a gifted singer/songwriter.

Various factors can work against a perfectly talented artist that keep them from reaching Strait-like numbers in terms of hits. In many cases an artist will score one big hit that seems to secure their status as a country star. But for whatever reason, they can never get another song to do as well.

While some of these artists fade away from the spotlight shortly after their one big hit, others remain active as recorders and performers. In fact, some of these artists have become highly respected members of the country music community.

Bet you never realized before that some of your favorite country songs were actually one hit wonders. Based on how popular these songs were, you won’t believe that they were their respective artists’ only major hit. Go ahead and click on the button below to see the songs on the list!