Florida Georgia Line Has A Bold Response To Their Vigilant Haters

Country music duo Florida Georgia Line is no stranger to backlash from both a musical perspective and personal standpoint. Aside from the previous controversy in regards to FGL requesting that no police officers be present back stage during one of their riveting concerts, causing a mass uproar of fans and said “haters” accusing them of being anti-law […] More

Trisha Yearwood Stops Garth Brooks Mid-Show To Deliver Monumental News

Country music legend, now history maker, Garth Brooks has been performing since the 80s, securing his dedicated fanbase and skyrocketing sales. While artists are continuously awarded for their impressive album responses in regards to sales, Brooks has just put an additional award under his southern belt buckle, essentially making history in the music world. The […] More

Koreans Try Whiskey For First Time In Hysterical Video

It’s no secret that American whiskey is an acquired taste; you either have it or you don’t! Throughout the years, whiskey brands such as Jack Daniels have been labeled as “a man’s drink” due to its incredibly strong taste and fiery kick! As essentially every movie portrays the rich, older man lounging in his luxurious mansion drinking his […] More

George Strait Honors Famed Singer With Monumental Award And Chilling Performance

Country music legend George Strait had a privileging moment at the 2016 Americana Music Awards when he was granted the opportunity to honor a dedicated and notable musician. Receiving the Wagoner Award for his incredible lifetime achievement, Jim Lauderdale was presented the monumental award by Strait, who had nothing but the highest of opinions and stories to […] More

Innocent Love Story Gets A Capella Treatment You’ll Swoon Over

A cappella group Home Free is nothing short of incredible, successfully winning the fourth season of former NBC show The Sing-Off. The group of five has been blazing through the hearts and playlists of fans worldwide, making them a musical sensation! In addition to covering various country music hits, such as Garth Brooks‘ “Friends In Low […] More

Unhappy Baby Stops Crying Every Time Luke Bryan’s Music Plays

If there’s one thing we know about babies, it’s this: They cry. A lot! And while sometimes a bottle or a loving embrace may do the trick, it won’t always stop the incessant cries and outbursts. So, when you, as a parent, finally stumble across the magical solution to get your precious bundle of joy out […] More

Leukemia Stricken Child Gets Heartwarming Selfie With Idol Luke Bryan

11-year-old Gracie Gonzalez has been dealt quite the hand since being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a rare form of childhood cancer that resides in bone marrow. While little Gracie has continuously been hospitalized, it was time for this chica to get outside of those medical building walls and do something adventurous! And that she did! Gracie […] More